Chamber and symphony orchestra composed of brilliant young classical musicians, some of them former and current students of NBU.

T he artistic mission of the orchestra, founded by Prof. Mario Hossen, is to work and realize the idea of creating a large-scale cultural cooperation of musicians from the Balkan countries with a center - Vienna. In an era requiring composers and performers a different approach to art, namely programs and concerts up in Bulgaria and around the world reaffirm it as a cultural ambassador of Balkan music in the world.

With the language of music, young artists realize the ideals of humanity and cultural tolerance, so necessary today. One outstanding example of international cultural co-operation of different nations of Southeast Europe is the creation of a cultural bridge to the world. So far, conductors and soloists of the orchestra are emblematic names of Bulgarian and world classical music like Milena Mollova, Nayden Todorov, Amaury Klose Gérard Poulet, Alexis Hauser, Dominique de Williencour, Jean Ferrandis, Christoph Hagen, Borislav Ivanov, Valeri Vatchev, Guenter Pichler, Hansjörg Schellenberger, Philippe Bernold, Dong Suk Kang, Gérard Caussé, Wolfgang Klos, Takashi Shimizu. Tours in Austria, Poland, Turkey, Japan, Finland and Bulgaria, various television and CD recordings prove the high technical and musical level of CAMERATA ORPHICA.