C AMERATA ORPHICA concert cycle presents an elite music festival of classical music - combination of European music masterpieces and world class performers for realization. Project main goal is development of large-scale and long-term cultural cooperation with the programs of the leading European cultural centers – such as Vienna, Paris, London, Rome, and Prague – jointly with NBU, UniCredit Bulbank and concerting artists – professors from leading international universities.
B y connecting young Bulgarian talents with big musicians of Europe and the world – we create new bridges and spaces for dreams. We are willing to show that “classical music” – child of the European cultural tradition – is the one that unites the world by means of its eternal spiritual values. Our mission is to make the message of this unique art reach listeners’ minds, enriching them by bringing awareness to factors of utmost importance such as beauty, humanism and harmony; a message of humanity and spiritual tolerance that we need so much in this day and age.